"Glass windows provide your building with 'eyes' while Shuttermen provide the style, protection and comfort with 'eyelids'" Franco Coetzee - Shuttermen

Glassmen Shutters

Homes and working buildings should be chosen or constructed with due care to the comfort and protection of the occupants and with due respect to nature.

Which explains why in the begining, man chose caves with views for shelter.
Later men built structures according to what nature offered and to suit their varied lifestyles. Windows and glass evolved practically and aesthetically.

Sun, wind and rain continued to have an effect, so men made shutters.
Measuring, drilling of holes and riveting on the construction of aluminium shutters demand keen eyes and steady hands, not to mention a whole lot of screws and rivets which will eventually rust and cause unwanted weeping stains. We have the solution to aluminium shutter problems in a uniquely designed and patented insert system that eliminates drilled holes and exposed screws and rivets thereby ensuring a more rigid, maintenance free, seemles and sleek shutter.

No ugly weeping rivets. More rigid. More style. We provide proffessional evpertise in terms of solutions, production and fitment. Thereby making a quality contributionto your sense of security, comfort and style.

• security

• protection from glare

• shade

• smooth funtionality

• no rivet & screw holes

• sleek finish
• no rattles

• even spacing

• super rigid construction

• extra strength

• no maintenance

• sleek solutions

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